J. T. Magen and Company - Construction Transformed

Kathy Mangan the manager and producer of the J.T. Magen web site reached out to Eric Marciano and American Montage to post-produce and on occasion film a plethora of videos exemplifying the remarkable construction work that J. T. Magen produces in New York City and around North America. These videos had to present the complexity, beauty and ingenuity that J.T. Magen brought to each project as well as the challenges J.T. successfully dealt with for each building.

Construction Tranformed -

J.T. Magen is a leader in the construction industry, ranking in the Top 50 U.S. general contractors, and in the Top 20 companies for office construction and for telecommuincations construction.

In business since 1992, J.T. has offices in New York, where it was ranked the number one renovation contractor; Chicago where it was ranked the 13th largest general contractor; and Los Angeles where affiliate JTM ConstructionGroup Inc. has been working for companies such as Jumpman, Microsoft, Team Solomid, Latham & Watkins and Equinix.

American Montage is pleased to create striking and informative videos that present the J.T.Magen porfolio of work in an illuminating and powerful manner.



This video was part of an evening devoted to the province of Alsace in France. This area has a unique culture, history and dialect. One of it's special attributes is the musée Lalique. A museum that presents the history and works of René Lalique, the essential jewelry and glass artist who transformed these objects and media with unique and exquisite vision. This video was produced Francis Dubois and l'Union Alsacienne of New York at the National Arts Club in New York City. It was filmed and edited by Eric Marciano and American Montage with guidance from Véronique Brumm, the director of the museum.


Every year the toy companies of the world have a heck of a party in New York City, showing their latest products to great fanfare.

Eric Marciano's brother Marc, worked for Lego toys as one of the head display designers for many years. One year he developed a kaleidoscope motif for the annual New York City Toy Fair. A dynamic (and psychedelic) video presentation was required extolling the wonders of "the brick". What better place to look than your sibling. Special kudos to Editor Antek Walzcak and The Pet Shop Boys.

Title: Lego
Client: Lego Toys
Producer/ Director: Eric Marciano
Editor: Antek Walzak
Music: The Pet Shop Boys


Our old Texas friend Celia Lightfoot breezed into town with an assignment to short segment on the NASDAQ facility in New York City’s Time Square and financial journalism. Celia’s old friend correspondent Bill Tucker gave us some great insight on NASDAQ and the financial world. He has since moved on to be the Executive Producer for Lou Dobbs on Fox Business News. He knows how to create and explain fine financial journalism.

Producer: Celia Lightfoot
Camera: Eric Marciano
Sound: Ignacio Valero
Editor: Emilie Agnie

Clairol: Highlighting

Create a stylish, informative and exciting interactive program with over 45 minutes of original video, twelve beautiful models, striking and very functional graphics, pulsing music, a compelling voice over and an elegant design of the packaging. That was the mission Clairol gave to American Montage in 2004.

American Montage cast, shoot, produced, created motion graphics, and edited 32 video clips and then placed them into crisply designed DVD package.  Along the way, Clairol was very much a part of the process. Clairol representatives were able to choose the voiceover artist they wanted, numerous design comps and music tracks by going to American Montage's online studio.

Project Manager, Producer, Director: Eric Marciano
Director of Photography: Joseph Piazzo
DVD Designer: Katie Marsh, Kounterattack
Writer: Susan Hageman,Blue Sky Communications
Casting: Meredith Jacobson, Amerifilm Casting
Camera: Joseph Piazzo, Nora Szylagni, Steve Giuliano
Digital Photography: Fred Hatt, Steven Spelioitis
Editors: Emilie Agniel, Steven Guiliano
Music: Art Labriola

Pond's Ultra Silk

Cairnes and Associates, a public relations firm, was asked to do an especially outstanding campaign to launch Pond's latest product, Ultra Silk.

Cairnes hired designer Fred Anderson of Anderson Hannant to execute the vision, and he in turn approached AMI after seeing our reel.

He was particularly impressed by the music video from the film Narrowcast, "Old Black Magic." Fred arranged the models and locations. Eric Marciano lit and directed the scenes.

With careful lighting and mulit-layered editing, this spot ends up looking a lot more expensive than it really was.

Client: Pond's Institute
Agency: Cairnes and Associates
Producer: Fred Anderson
Director, Camera: Eric Marciano
Editor: Scott Cookson
Music: Moby


A complex three camera shoot that was meant to explore and explain the tastes of the consumers of the venerable and ever popular fashion empire to the company. Many thanks to Shawn Hughey! 


Production Companies: Hardin/Chabotte, Imelt and American Montage, Inc.
Executive Producer: Russ Hardin
Casting: Meredith Jacobson/Amerifilm Casting, Inc.
Producer: Shawn Hughey /Eric Marciano
Camera: Dave Daniels
Camera: Jimmy Jib, Joseph Piazzo
Camera: Aaron Brown
Sound: Ignacio Valero
Editor: Jeff Lunger
Post-Production Supervisor: Eric Marciano

Madina Milano

Madina Ferrari is the former art director of the Milanese Opera House La Scala. She introduced a cosmetics line to the world called Madina Milano. In the new millenium, Madina Milano opened its doors in New York at their Soho Boutique.

Publicist Dianne Falcone of Blue Sky Communications
brought Madina to AMI to create a stylish, fun, fast-paced
and outrageously beautiful video to promote the store world-wide.

Madina calls the video "fabuloso."

Direction, Editing, Videography: Eric Marciano
Lighting: Joe Piazzo, Fred Hatt
Photography: Fred Hatt
After Effects: Ben Williams

Beyond Interactive

Chroma Keys, Ultimatte, Blue Screen and Green Screen all names for a compositing process that Eric Marciano and American Montage have been doing for a long long time.

Fortunately, it's a process that technology keeps refining and improving. Not that 25 years of experience doesn't help too.

This experience and the ability to put together high quality productions at a moments notice are some of the reasons that Grey Advertising's Internet/New Media Agency, Beyond Interactive has hired American Montage to produce and post-produce complex and deadline sensitive projects.

Such the web based character that assists clients on the Western Union web site or a powerful presentation to Warner Brothers Theatrical regarding their Internet promotion.

These projects were great fun, great challenges and had many collaborators to make them happen. Laura LeBleu, Joe Piazzo and Jeff Lunger are the real standouts.



Budget Rent A Car

TV Guide

BMG International

Yale/New Haven Cardiology

LIMA, International Licensing Merchandisers Association

Trans Fair International: Santiago's Story

Madina Milano

Lizzie Simon's "Detour" BiPolar Presentation 2

The Spartan Group


Pond's Institute: Ultra Silk

Volvo: The Saint

Clairol: Highlighting



Cliff Freeman


Beyond Interactive


AMI and Cliff Freeman work closely and in a highly-creative manner to produce much of Cliff Freeman's in-house production work. AMI provides a depth of service to Cliff Freeman, providing all-inclusive production menu for Cliff Freeman's client presentations, pitches, client communications, and account reviews, as well as non-spot productions. It is a long-standing relationship based on professionalism and a similarity in creative culture.

Traveling from St. Louis to Atlanta to Charlotte in order to investigate the fast food tastes of America has yielded this illuminating portrait of this fast food giant and its customers

Camera, Direction: Eric Marciano
Editing: Ben Williams
Producer: Charles Rosen
Executive Producer: Karen Evans