Mobile/Web - is that a strange header for what is essential the Internet/Digital Revolution; the most significant techonolgical shift since the industrial revolution? We believe it is both a strange and appropriate name...for now. The bottom line for us and the key to our success is that we are a quick study; we get stuff. We understand complex subject matter and make it understandable and memorable. Case in point the subject of death and grieving. A truly heavy, real and an complicated territory. Well, go to our web site We took that complex subject matter and made a video based web site dedicated to providing solace to this who have lost loved ones. We hope that in a small way this web site helps.

Now we are building the Theater Fanatic Network, a web based video channel that provices information and entertainment about theater. We believe we have the ability to take on any subject and make a valuable and essential Mobile/Web based destination for it too.