J. T. Magen and Company - Construction Transformed

Kathy Mangan the manager and producer of the J.T. Magen web site reached out to Eric Marciano and American Montage to post-produce and on occasion film a plethora of videos exemplifying the remarkable construction work that J. T. Magen produces in New York City and around North America. These videos had to present the complexity, beauty and ingenuity that J.T. Magen brought to each project as well as the challenges J.T. successfully dealt with for each building.

Construction Tranformed -

J.T. Magen is a leader in the construction industry, ranking in the Top 50 U.S. general contractors, and in the Top 20 companies for office construction and for telecommuincations construction.

In business since 1992, J.T. has offices in New York, where it was ranked the number one renovation contractor; Chicago where it was ranked the 13th largest general contractor; and Los Angeles where affiliate JTM ConstructionGroup Inc. has been working for companies such as Jumpman, Microsoft, Team Solomid, Latham & Watkins and Equinix.

American Montage is pleased to create striking and informative videos that present the J.T.Magen porfolio of work in an illuminating and powerful manner.