Beyond Interactive

Chroma Keys, Ultimatte, Blue Screen and Green Screen all names for a compositing process that Eric Marciano and American Montage have been doing for a long long time.

Fortunately, it's a process that technology keeps refining and improving. Not that 25 years of experience doesn't help too.

This experience and the ability to put together high quality productions at a moments notice are some of the reasons that Grey Advertising's Internet/New Media Agency, Beyond Interactive has hired American Montage to produce and post-produce complex and deadline sensitive projects.

Such the web based character that assists clients on the Western Union web site or a powerful presentation to Warner Brothers Theatrical regarding their Internet promotion.

These projects were great fun, great challenges and had many collaborators to make them happen. Laura LeBleu, Joe Piazzo and Jeff Lunger are the real standouts.



Budget Rent A Car

TV Guide

BMG International

Yale/New Haven Cardiology

LIMA, International Licensing Merchandisers Association

Trans Fair International: Santiago's Story

Madina Milano

Lizzie Simon's "Detour" BiPolar Presentation 2

The Spartan Group


Pond's Institute: Ultra Silk

Volvo: The Saint

Clairol: Highlighting



Cliff Freeman


Beyond Interactive