LIMA: International Licensing Merchandisers Association

Sometimes, big projects come with short notice. Such was our experience with the International Licensing Merchandisers Association (LIMA). We received a phone call asking if we could shoot and edit a series of videos that would cover their week long convention in New York City ­ the only catch was that the convention started in two days! Because we¹re a flexible and fast, we were able to take this job and run with it.

American Montage spent a fascinating five days in June recording all the action at the Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association convention. We then took ten lectures running over twenty hours and fashion them into comprehensive finished programming that we packaged and delivered to LIMA. Because we were able to turn our energies into this intense project at a moment's notice, the lessons of their convention will be preserved for a long time to come.

Executive Producer: Jennifer Coleman
Producer: Eric Marciano
Camera: Nora Szilagyi, Steven Giuliano
Editor: Nora Szilagyi