There's a reason people tune into the Super Bowl just to see the commercials - they are hands down the most inventive area of popular short films. These 30-second gems are the creme de la creme of concept and creativity.

Yes, the beguiling art of television advertising: everybody knows it, everybody wants to do it, very few understand it . And now that television advertising is basically short form media advertising that pops up on a phone, iPad, a huge Time Square billboard  or a screen in a  wall in a bathroom it is literally every where and anywhere. American Montage is well acquainted with the simple complexities of short form media advertising. From script to screen, American Montage can be your guide through the commercial creation experience.  We're your one stop production shop - wrangling every commercial from concept to copy, budget to casting, storyboard to production, special effects, music, and editing. In short, we've got you covered.Our award-winning staff consistently delivers the quality concepts and crafty copy you need to cut through the clutter and impact the viewer. Join with us to crack the media advertising code.