Yale/New Haven Cardiology

Yet another project that not only helped American Montage but also helped an old friend and a great medical institution. Eric Marciano first worked with Tom Ashley on the memorable short interval program success, "This Day in Hollywood" way back in 1987.

Tom approached Eric to produce, shoot and edit a video celebrating former New York Knick Willis Reed and his fundraising work with the groundbreaking
Yale/New Haven Cardiology Department. The segment includes an interview with former New York Knick, New Jersey Senator and Allen and Company deal maker Bill Bradley.

Executive Producer: Barry L. Zaret, M.D.
Producers: Tom Ashley, Eric Marciano
Camera: Eric Marciano
Scanning/After Effects: Joseph Piazzo, Nora Szilagyi
Editor: Eric Marciano

East-West Dialogue: New York Launch Event

East-West: The Art of Dialogue is an initiative of the Shafik Gabr Foundation, and aims to improve dialogue between the Middle East and the West. American Montage was asked to film these exceptional events both in Washington DC and New York City. Special thanks to Steven Meyer and Eve Krzyzanowski.

Pond's Institute: Ultra Silk

The corporate version of the Ponds Institute's Ultra Silk media campaign included a 12-minute program which traced the creation of this product.

It included an interview with the Head Chemist of Ponds Institute, who supervised the making of Ultra Silk.

Ingredients were filmed to highlight their unique properties and accentuate the care in their selection. throughout 1998.

Client: Pond's Institute
Agency: Cairnes & Associates
Producer: Fred Anderson
Director, Camera: Eric Marciano
Editor: Scott Cookson
Music: Moby

Special Forces Assault Urban Combat

Is making films for the US Army Special Forces considered "corporate"? We aren't sure but regardless we made this with care for the US Army Special Forces 20th Group.


Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course (SFAUC) at Ft. MacClellan, Alabma with 20th Special Forces Group and several BEHIND ENEMY LINES founding members.  SFAUC has become an integral part of the Special Operation’s mission.  It has been said that SFAUC puts the teeth back in Special Forces.  For even in mountainous and desert terrain Special Forces operators have consistently found the need to kick in doors and clear rooms. 

Produced by Eric Marciano and Cosimo Rossi
Directed and Filmed by Eric Marciano
Edited by Eric Marciano

The Spartan Group

The Spartan Group provides security services and training to governments, police departments and corporations. Comprised of former and current US Army Special Forces members, Spartan is a dynamic, innovative and trusted security firm.

They requested an all-inclusive approach for their media needs, each of which called upon a unique area of American Montage’s production expertise.

AMI created promotional video productions to highlight and market the company's unique background.

AMI also developed and launched Spartan's dynamic website. The site brought Spartan to the attention of the Discovery Channel, which produced and broadcast a TV documentary featuring the company.

Recently, Spartan Group and American Montage have created the partnership Spartan Media to create broadcast-quality programming for television and the Internet.

Client: The Spartan Group
Producer, Director: Eric Marciano
Script: Frank Rossi/Eric Marciano
Camera: Eric Marciano
Editors: Eric Marciano/Ben Williams

BMG International

This 45-minute corporate documentary focuses on the international teamwork which a diverse entertainment corporation like BMG must engage in to remain successful.

It was produced by Alex von Perfall and includes interviews with Thomas Stein, CEO of BMG Ariola, and David Novik, Senior VP of RCA Records.

The documentary features some of BMG's standout acts, including Tony Braxton, Robin, Eros Ramazotti and 'N Sync.

It focuses on the teen-pop sensation 'N Sync. An all-boy group from Orlando, Florida, 'N Sync was originally signed by the German label BMG Ariola and rocketed to success with the singles, "I Want You Back," "Tearin' Up My Heart" and a gold album.

This program aired at the KMS meeting and at corporate meetings throughout 1998.

Producer: Alex von Perfall
Camera, Editor: Eric Marciano


Jeff Streeper contacted AMI to create a stylized and specifically designed pitch for a major technology corporation. AMI provided technical expertise and quick turn-around time for this sensitive project.

Direction: Eric Marciano
Editing, After Effects: Ben Williams
Production, Design: Jeff Streeper