Clairol: Highlighting

Create a stylish, informative and exciting interactive program with over 45 minutes of original video, twelve beautiful models, striking and very functional graphics, pulsing music, a compelling voice over and an elegant design of the packaging. That was the mission Clairol gave to American Montage in 2004.

American Montage cast, shoot, produced, created motion graphics, and edited 32 video clips and then placed them into crisply designed DVD package.  Along the way, Clairol was very much a part of the process. Clairol representatives were able to choose the voiceover artist they wanted, numerous design comps and music tracks by going to American Montage's online studio.

Project Manager, Producer, Director: Eric Marciano
Director of Photography: Joseph Piazzo
DVD Designer: Katie Marsh, Kounterattack
Writer: Susan Hageman,Blue Sky Communications
Casting: Meredith Jacobson, Amerifilm Casting
Camera: Joseph Piazzo, Nora Szylagni, Steve Giuliano
Digital Photography: Fred Hatt, Steven Spelioitis
Editors: Emilie Agniel, Steven Guiliano
Music: Art Labriola