The Spartan Group

The Spartan Group provides security services and training to governments, police departments and corporations. Comprised of former and current US Army Special Forces members, Spartan is a dynamic, innovative and trusted security firm.

They requested an all-inclusive approach for their media needs, each of which called upon a unique area of American Montage’s production expertise.

AMI created promotional video productions to highlight and market the company's unique background.

AMI also developed and launched Spartan's dynamic website. The site brought Spartan to the attention of the Discovery Channel, which produced and broadcast a TV documentary featuring the company.

Recently, Spartan Group and American Montage have created the partnership Spartan Media to create broadcast-quality programming for television and the Internet.

Client: The Spartan Group
Producer, Director: Eric Marciano
Script: Frank Rossi/Eric Marciano
Camera: Eric Marciano
Editors: Eric Marciano/Ben Williams