Elite Forces TV's Ring of Fire -Static Line to Kabul

Raul Correa's remarkable 2003 trip to Kabul yielded this statement from the renown author:

Assisted Living For Retired Special Operations Meat Eaters and Paratroopers Means “Static Line into Kabul”.

In this clip The International Airborne Society (a group of former Special Forces soldiers and paratroopers---many of them in their 60s and 70s) as it makes a military parachute jump into the city of Kabul. High winds andan urban drop zone make for some unique PLF’s (Parachute Landing Falls) on the top of buildings, buses, an alley, a street, and one Behind Enemy Lines Editor-At-Large (Raul) coupling with a goal post.

Filmed and Directed by Raul Correa
Produced by Eric Marciano
Filmed and Edited by Joseph Piazzo