By Their Own Hand - Police Suicide

In use by police departments through out the United States. This intense film was originally produced specifically for the New York City Police Department after a number of suicides alerted the department to the problem.

Interviews with four police officers who faced disabilities, depression, and stress to the point where they felt they couldn't go on.

Eric Marciano was asked by director Jonathan David to take over the editing
of the film by another editor, never an easy task. He was also asked to film a Midtown South squad car as they dealt with the ever escalating violence and crime of a Saturday night in Times Square.

The black and white Super 8 film from that night edited into the color 16mm
interviews and makes for real behind the scenes look into police life.

Client: Tulip Films
Producer: Jonathan David
Camera: John Heller, Eric Marciano
Editor: Eric Marciano, Mia