The Grieving Center

The Grieving Center is one of  the most ambitious projects American Montage Inc. has undertaken. It came to AMI from an expert in hospice and grieving the Rev. William Purdy, Vice President of Patient Services at Continuum Hospice Care. They had worked together on Timely TV's production When Someone Dies: Understanding Grief which can seen by clicking on the link to the right

The Grieving Center was originally intended as a feature documentary; however American Montage founder Eric Marciano had another idea. He thought that a documentary would be limited in its ability to help people. He felt that a website featuring a database of short video documentaries would be the most practical way of reaching grieving people all over the world.

The result of this concept became the world's first website, web channel or television station devoted to hospice, grief and bereavement.

As Eric Marciano put it, "The Internet offers us an opportunity to find a community without even leaving our home, making it possible to relieve this isolation and learn from other people's experiences." With help of web designer and web master Joseph Piazzo and our benefactor Sir Thomas Moore the project became a reality. The job had two key aspects to it.

First AMI had to produce, edit, and direct dozens of personal grieving testimonials.

Secondly, AMI had to design a website to properly feature and promote them.

The result,, is a web site that continues to  receive substantial online traffic and membership. Currently, American Montage in a constant state of production, creating both video and text for the web-channel.  This site in an ongoing project  that strives be a worthwhile destination and an online community that supports and assists grieving people around the world. It is also a place for people who want to celebrate the lives of those who have passed on.

The Grieving Center Website

Creators Rev. William Purdy and Eric Marciano
Media Programming Rev. William Purdy and Eric Marciano
Website designed Joseph Piazzo
Video Programming directed by Eric Marciano
Video Programming edited by Eric Marciano, Julie Halperin
Camera by Fred Hatt, Eric Marciano, Alain Furcajg