TLC's SWAT Stories

What a strange tale this production was. The triumvirate of Steve Weinstock, Michael Rosenblum and Glenda Hirsch of TruTV had a tremendous success on The Learning Channel (TLC) with "Trauma: Life in the ER" and they were hoping to translate their idea of "reality tv" from the world of the emergency room to the world of the S.W.A.T. team.

It wasn't easy. As one of the video journalists Eric Marciano spent two months filming with the Newark, New Jersey, Emergency Services Team (SWAT). Shooting with the then  new DV camera the Panasonic EZ-1 and radio microphones. The best part of the production was working with Emmy award winning videographer Bill Gentile and making some lifelong friends with this amazing group of elite policemen.

Production Company: New York Times Television
Executive Producer: Glenda Hirsch
Producer: Paco DeOnis
Associate Producer: Michael S. Smith
Camera/Video Journalist: Bill Gentile
Camera/Video Journalist: Eric Marciano
Editors: Neal Cohen, Eric Marciano
Assistant Editor: Erin Slattery