William Blake: Inspiration and Vision

This program is a part of a series, Illuminations: Poetry of the Western World. It is a collaboration between Jack Ramey, a poet, performer, and professor, his wife Nancy Rodgers, writer and professor and Eric Marciano.

Watching and listening to William Blake: Inspiration and Vision is to enter the magical world of William Blake (1757 - 1827), the great English artist, poet, and mystic. Ramey's deeply moving performances of the poems are further illustrated by visual images from paintings by artists of the day or by the poets original artwork, along with insights on the poet's life and times. Eric Marciano's visual treatments and editing bring to life the intense power and deep spirituality in great poetry.

The production captures not only the power of the spiritual world that shines through Blake's poetry, but also the indignation that Blake felt about the social injustices of his day -- injustices that still plague our modern world. It is designed as both an educational tool for the classroom and a unique aesthetic experience for all lovers of art and poetry.

Narrator and Performer: Jack Ramey
Producers: Jack Ramey, Eric Marciano and Nancy Rodgers
Director: Eric Marciano
Title Sequence: Joseph Piazzo
Editors: Emilie Agniel, Ilkka Jarvilaturi, Nora Szilagy
Scanning/Motion Effects: Emilie Agniel
Music: product msd