un becoming

The project, like so many of American Montage’s projects, takes a very profound and little known subject that begs for exposure and explanation and combines it with challenging and exciting film making possibilities.

The subject of this teleplay is hysterectomy also known as female castration. The teleplay was commissioned by Nora Coffey the director of the HERS Foundation; a not-for-profit group devoted to informing women around the world about the consequences of hysterectomy.

Rick Schweikert, the author of un becoming, and Nora Coffey found Eric through the American Montage web site and immediately felt that he was the best person for the job.

His extensive catalogue of films and decades of experience in documenting health and wellness issues as well as understanding of how to execute the final product, a media rich DVD, including a feature length teleplay, made him the perfect fit.

The un becoming was originally produced for Off- Broadway and had an overwhelmingly successful run being compared to successful run. The initial challenge was to design succinct and exciting camera staging that would accentuate the excellent performances and illuminate the superb set design.

This is a story of one woman diagnosed with fibroids in her cervix that questions her physician and in an attempt to challenge the established belief that hysterectomies are safe, simple and undeniably necessary. Robert McDowell, a reviewer for the Still Water Theatre notes, “If you are a woman - or anyone who has a mother or wife or sister or daughter or female relative or friend - Un Becoming  is a vitally important play to bring to her attention; addressing issues every woman should consider before going under the knife”.

Laura Flanagan as Emma Douglas
David McCamish as Dr. Morgan
Jeffrey Edward Carpenter as John Tracey
Anna Cody as Dr. Parker
Naomi Bar as Susan Merse
Tami A. Dixon as Halley Ridge
Sage Fitzgerald as Megan Ridge