AMI has been successfully producing and editing music videos since the launch of MTV. Okay, that might date us, but the point is that our experience gives us an unusual bag of dazzling tricks. Because we've seen the evolution of the music video since day one, we know how to deliver the unique visual styles and concepts that keep things fresh and interesting.


My Brilliant Divorce made its New York premiere at the New Ohio Theatre in March 2018. The play revolves around Rachel Lipsky Haringay, played by Golden Globe Award nominee Melissa Gilbert of Little House on the Prairie. Gilbert has journeyed far from Minnesota farm country for this role: Rachel is a Jewish New Yorker living in London. Her husband, an English accountant with an "irritatingly round" head, has just walked out on her and her daughter. His departure is the first of Rachel's many woes in this solo play by Geraldine Aron.

La MaMa 50th Anniversary Gala Film

American Montage made this film for the seminal Off and Off-Off Broadway theater, La MaMa ETC's for their 50th anniversary. The film features remarkable archival footage from the La MaMa archives and include interviews with Peter Brook, Andrei Serban, John Kelly, Elizabeth Swados, Andre DeShields, Sam Shepherd, Harvey Keitel, Chris Tanner, John Jesurun and of course Ellen Stewart and Mia Yoo. Special thanks to Ozzie Rodriguez.

Produced and Directed by Eric Marciano
Edited by Sam Richards
Filmed by Eric Marciano, Sam Richards and Fred Hatt


Co-presenters St. Ann’s Warehouse and La MaMa, and producers piece by piece productions, Mabou Mines and Dovetail Productions—all ardent and longtime supporters of Lee Breuer, the “bad boy of avant-garde theater” (Village Voice)—united in 2015 for Breuer’s epic magnum opus La Divina Caricatura.

The mixed-media pop-opera completes Breuer’s Animations series and draws on material that stretches all the way back to Breuer’s doo-wop opera Sister Suzie Cinema, first conceived as a poem in 1975.

At the center of La Divina Caricatura is an unlikely lead character: a dog named Rose, who is making a Dantean pilgrimage to love and, hopefully, Paradiso. Lincoln Schleifer's music and arrangements incorporate the work of Bob Telson and John Margolis and covers a stunning array of styles, from 1950s doo-wop and 1960s soul to Argentinian tango, raga, reggae, rap, Gregorian chant and French folk tunes. The Brooklyn Rail has said, “The staging of La Divina Caricatura closely reflects the traditional performance of Bunraku puppetry. However, Divina is directed as an animated, epic movie, based on the narrative structure of Monzaemon’s Bunraku plays, which in turn closely mirror the structure of feature films.”


American Montage filmed and edited a series of promotional videos for Noche Flamenca in 2013 and 2014. This troupe is one of the most dynamic companies we have ever had the pleasure of working with. If you have a chance to see them, go!


Formed in 1993 by Martín Santangelo and his Bessie award-winning wife, Soledad Barrio, Noche Flamenca has been hailed by critics everywhere for its transcendent and deeply emotional performances. Born of passion and the desire to present the authentic form of flamenco to audiences throughout the globe, Noche Flamenca is noted for creating a diverse theatrical body of work that expresses the rigorous, spellbinding aesthetic of flamenco that exceeds the highest artistic expectations. 

Santangelo has successfully brought to the stage the essence, purity, and integrity of one of the world's most complex and mysterious art forms without the use of tricks or gimmicks. All aspects of flamenco- dance, song, and music- are interrelated and given equal weight, creating a true communal spirit within the company - the very heart and soul of flamenco.

Performance highlights include regular seasons in New York City, including at Lincoln Center, the Joyce Theater, Joe's Pub at the Public Theater and at its home base at the West Park Presbyterian Church. Noche Flamenca also tours extensively across the U.S., throughout Canada, in Europe, the Middle East, Argentina, and Australia.

In support of its mission to educate and enlighten audiences about flamenco, the company offers extensive residency programs and classes that reach out to people of all ages, races, and economic means.

Noche Flamenca has been recognized with awards from the National Dance Project, the MAP Fund, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Lucille Lortel Award for Special Theatrical Experience and most recently an exceptional artist award for Soledad Barrio from Dance Magazine.


A musical drama about a Jewish-run café in Shanghai during WWII, Shalom Shanghai was originally developed through a workshop in Shanghai in 2009, organized by the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center and was first performed at the historic Ohei Moshe Synagogue at the center of the old Jewish ghetto of Shanghai. A revised and fully-produced production—a collaboration between Chinese and US artists—premiered at the 2013 Shanghai Arts Festival.

Shalom Shanghai demonstrates unprecedented international collaboration not only in its content, but also process. The text for the piece was written by Dr. William Sun, Vice President of the Shanghai Theatre Academy and one of China’s most prominent contemporary playwrights. It was directed by internationally-renowned director Lee Breuer and produced by the Shanghai Theatre Academy and the Shanghai Arts Festival in association with New York-based producer Sharon Levy, Dovetail Productions. The cast included Chinese and foreign actors and the show was performed bilingually with subtitles.

Billy Hayes' Riding Midnight Express


“Riding the Midnight Express” is a full-length theatrical presentation by the author, actor and personality Billy Hayes. It will be performed as a one man show complemented by a dynamic multi-media environment. The producers plan to premier the show Off- Broadway in 2013 and then take it on tour around the world. 

“Riding the Midnight Express” tells Billy Hayes’ true story of a lifetime lived and defined by the iconic book, Oscar winning film, legend and reality.  Billy and his story are a recognizable brand that has been a part of our public consciousness since the late 1970’s.  This video was produced to promote this amazing story.

The stage production “Riding the Midnight Express” portrays this most unusual experience with first hand recollections enhanced with a rich multi-media display of archival photos, maps, artwork, sights, sounds and music, and features Billy telling his story in a way no has ever heard it told before.

A mixture of bohemian bravado, celebrity-turn and cautionary tale, “Riding the Midnight Express” channels the intensity of the experience and the raw emotions that are embedded in Billy’s soul into a powerful theatrical experience.

If you are interested in participating in this unique project with its great potential please contact: Eric Marciano at 212-334-8283 or

Produced by Eric Marciano and Andrew Shaifer
Filmed and Directed by Eric Marciano
Edited by Sam Richards

New Stage Theatre Company's 10th Year!


This video tells the story of the visionary New Stage Theatre Company founded by Ildiko Nemeth. For their 10th year celebration they presented a fantastic collection of their greatest scenes called Jollification|Mortification at the Club at La MaMa in April 2013.
Please support this unique and vital theatre company. Ildiko is an absolute stylist  and visionary.

Go to and donate money for this project and the many future projects they will produce.

Produced by Eric Marciano and Ildiko Nemeth
Directed by Eric Marciano and Ildiko Nemeth
Edited by Sam Richards

Commercial for The Bad and the Better

To promote the Amoralists exceptional show from the summer of 2012.

In Masks Outrageous and Austere: B-Roll

This visionary adaption of Tennessee Williams last known full length show was directed by David Schweizer and presented at Culture Project in April 2012. American Montage and Theater Fanatic collaborated to create an entire catalog of media for the production including this TV commercial. This is the selections of clips, known as "B-Roll"  distributed to media outlets to decribe the show.