Hanne Tierney: Man the Flower of All Flesh


American Montage has always been a home to independent artists. We have had the pleasure of working with an extraordinarily talented group of visionaries, with Hanne Tierney standing out like a star in the night sky. 

Hanne Tierney is a performance artist who makes abstract theatre without actors. After seeing her most recent show Holland Cotter of the NY Times noted, “She is an extraordinary artist and performer and has produced a work with the clarity of a children's story and the weight of a morality play.”

tanding above a spider web of fishing line and pulleys Hanne animates her creations likening it to “playing and instrument.” Theater without actors is Hanne’s specialty. In the style of traditional marionettes, Hanne’s performers are fashioned out of every day objects incorporating papier-mâché, window blinds, metal coils, air-conditioning ducts, really any thing she can manipulate. 

AMI has traditionally edited versions of many of Hanne’s pieces including: Flatlands: A Romance of Many Dimensions, Blood Wedding, and How Wang-Fo Was Saved. These selections oftened served as a visual supplement for grant applications. Man the Flower of All Flesh, her most recent project, was filmed and edited by AMI.

An adaptation of the E.M. Forster’s The Machine Stops, this is the story of a woman and son living in a shadowy underworld ruled by a dark force called the Machine. The two spend their lives trapped in this subterranean jail fearing a mechanical failure. When it finally occurs they discover Eden just above their former confinement.

Heightening the magical atmosphere Hanne uses an extremely intimate space, utilizing subtle lighting. Challenging for any filmmaker, Eric Marciano maintained this critical detail, while creating a final product with the approproate lighting for the audience. Surpassing its goals AMI was able to capture this fleeting yet mesmerizing performance and more. To find out more about Hanne Tierney go to

Conceived/Constructed/Manipulated: Hanne Tierney
Musical Direction/ Double Bass: Jane Wang
Vocalist/Narrator: Tanya Thomas
Artist: Matt Freedman
Lighting Design: Trevor Brown
Additional Music: Grant Smith
Knitter: Jamie Mumford
Manipulator: Shawn Lane
Voice: Cooper Mumford
Video Artist: Stefanie Fischer
Video Direction: Eric Marciano
Cameras: Steven Giuliano, Eric Marciano, Max Demetrio
Editing: Steven Giuliano, Eric Marciano, Max Demetrio