Billy Hayes' Riding Midnight Express


“Riding the Midnight Express” is a full-length theatrical presentation by the author, actor and personality Billy Hayes. It will be performed as a one man show complemented by a dynamic multi-media environment. The producers plan to premier the show Off- Broadway in 2013 and then take it on tour around the world. 

“Riding the Midnight Express” tells Billy Hayes’ true story of a lifetime lived and defined by the iconic book, Oscar winning film, legend and reality.  Billy and his story are a recognizable brand that has been a part of our public consciousness since the late 1970’s.  This video was produced to promote this amazing story.

The stage production “Riding the Midnight Express” portrays this most unusual experience with first hand recollections enhanced with a rich multi-media display of archival photos, maps, artwork, sights, sounds and music, and features Billy telling his story in a way no has ever heard it told before.

A mixture of bohemian bravado, celebrity-turn and cautionary tale, “Riding the Midnight Express” channels the intensity of the experience and the raw emotions that are embedded in Billy’s soul into a powerful theatrical experience.

If you are interested in participating in this unique project with its great potential please contact: Eric Marciano at 212-334-8283 or

Produced by Eric Marciano and Andrew Shaifer
Filmed and Directed by Eric Marciano
Edited by Sam Richards