ESPN - 1986 American League Championship Series and Donnie Moore

Described by sportscaster Al Michaels as the most dramatic hour of sports he had ever seen, the fifth inning of the fifth game between the California Angels and the Boston Red Sox was simply sensational.

The unscripted drama did not just end the Angels quest for a trip to WorldSeries it also began with the beginning of the end for All  Star relief pitcher Donnie Moore. Having been blamed for throwing the game-losing pitch over the next three years his health, finances and metal state all came to a crisis when he wounded his wife and shot himself. Eric Marciano partnered with Jason Goodman, co-creator of VHS1's  "Behind the Music" to produce and edit this powerful documentary with their new company Green Light TV for ESPN Classics.

Producer and Editor: Eric Marciano
Producer and Interviewer: Jason Goodman
Executive Producer: Mark Cohen
Co-ordinating Producer: Mary Jo Kinser
Associate Producer: Tim Harmon