Discovery's Dangerous Deception: Living on the Down Low


It is rare to be able to participate in a project that has the potential to reach millions of people and help them to understand a complex subject.

Michael S. Smith was asked by Discovery Health Channel to create a new documentary exploring the "Down Low" ­ a phenomenon in which African American and Latino men identify as straight, often having wives or girlfriends, yet secretly sleep with men.

Winner, Cable Positive's 4th Annual POP Awards (2005): Outstanding Documentary

Executive Producer (Discovery): Donald H. Thoms
Producer, Writer: Michael S. Smith
Producer, Camera: Eric Marciano
Editors: Steven Giluiano, Eric Marciano
Associate Producer, Camera: Dai Harmon
Associate Producer: Laura LeBleu
Motion Graphics, Camera: Joseph Piazzo
Camera: Rachel Liebert, Nora Szylagni, Steve Giuliano
Casting: Meredith Jacobson, Amerifilm Casting
Music: Trevor Holder