Spin Cycle

Spin Cycle is a bizarre fantasy set in a hallucinatory Manhattan laundromat. It is about two men who end up in a struggle that questions what is fantasy and what is reality.

Exquisitely shot in black and white 16mm by cinematographer Frank Linkoff, this surreal 16-minute film evokes a sensuous and disturbing feeling.

The collision of these two highly delusional characters creates chaos in this abstract and highly interpretable film. One can find meditations on subjects that range from the male gaze and the nature of femininity to human perceptions of fantasy and reality,

Spin Cycle was acquired by the permanent film collection of the Museum of Modern Art in 2018 and screened there as part of the “Club 57: Film, Performance, andArt in the East Village, 1978–1983 show” which ran from October 31st 2017 to April 1st 2018.

Winner Dark Fiction Film Festival, Los Angeles
Lucky Charm Film Festival, Seattle.

Cast: Chris Tanner, Nick Wolf, Jacqueline Ramel
Writer, Director, Producer: Eric Marciano
Director of Photography: Frank Linkoff
Editors: Eric Marciano, Eric Schefter
Sound Editor: Melissa Shacht
Art Directors: Mathew Karol, Catherine Deltufo
Sound: Ignacio Valero
Music: Art Labriola