Before Survivor, Big Brother, The Apprentice or Keeping Up with the Kardashian and  Ru Paul's Drag Race there was “Narrowcast”, a beautifully crafted 35mm short that has been wildly praised as the most prescient film ever made about Reality TV.

Taking his cues from experiencing firsthand Reality TV production, writer and director Eric Marciano exposes the techniques that began way back in the 1940s with Queen for Day and evolved into MTV’s The Real World and are essential part of the numerous and fast spawning siblings and subgenres of alleged “reality” in this sharply witty satire. He reveals the exploitation, the contrived scripts, the unbelievable set ups and fake conflicts that are the mold that make this genre stink and yet so incredible successful. On full display are the humorous and frightening characters that are the operative norm in the creation of this hugely successful media genre. “Narrowcast” is the story of the powerful and the powerless, both of whom are equally ridiculous, and dangerous.

The results are clear in his convincing treatment of the central character, "Ms. Candy Cane," an aging and depressed drag queen brilliantly played by Chris Tanner as she is unwittingly is exploited for her television-rating potential by her media maven Tanya Pilfer nastily played by  Mary Lou Wittmer and her team of smarmy producers. A must see that was made part of the permanent film collection of the Museum of Modern Art in 2018 and screened there as part of the “Club 57: Film, Performance, andArt in the East Village, 1978–1983 show” which ran from October 31st 2017 to April 1st 2018.


AWARDS AND FESTIVALS: 1998: New Zealand Film Festival, Chicago Reelings International Gay & Lesbian FilmFestival 1997: Southbeach Film Festival- Miami Beach; Connecticut Gay & Lesbian FilmFestival- Hartford, CT, New York Lesbian & Gay FilmFestival; Vancouver International Film Festival - Vancouver; Montreal Image + Nation Film Festival - Montreal; Barcelona Casal Lambda Film Festival - Barcelona & Madrid, Three Rivers Film Festival, Pittsburg; Seattle Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, New York Expo of Short Film & Video Finalist -New York, NY; 1996: Northampton Film Festival- Northampton, MA, 2018: Museum of Modern Art as part of the“Club 57: Film, Performance, and Art in the East Village, 1978–1983 show”  - October 31st 2017 to April 1st 2018.


Starring: Chris Tanner as Candy Cane, Mary Lou Wittmer as Tanya Pilfer, Don Creech (Gilbert Adams) as Dr. David Darling
Producer, Director, Writer: Eric Marciano
Camera: Frank Linkoff
Editor: Eric Schefter
Art Director: Walter Barnett
Music: Art Labriola