Beyond the Looking Glass: Body Image and Self Esteem

Beyond the Looking Glass begins: “It’s how you feel about who you are.” The film was produced with teenagers and their parents in mind. It features candid commentary on the subject of body image and self esteem.

It hits upon such topics as Looks, Your Body, Media, Gender, Love, Feeling Connected, Role Models, Empowerment, and Uniqueness. The film gives a comprehensive overview of the elements that make up a person’s self-esteem.

To guide the audience through these sometimes overwhelming topics, the film relies on the knowledge of Dr. Rita Freedman, a clinical psychologist and author, Educator Patricia DeBarbieri and Plus-size model, Carolyn Strauss.

Beyond the Looking Glass won the Award of Excellence from the Society of Technical Communication and recieved a 4-Star rating from Video Rating Guide for Libraries.

Producers: Susan Luftman, Eric Marciano
Director: Eric Marciano
Camera: Frank Linkoff, Eric Marciano
Editor: Daisy Wright
Writer: Laurie Woods
Music: Art LaBriola