Teen Depression

The road to adulthood is filled with ups and downs. Most adolescents sustain only minor scrapes along the way while others spiral out of control. Part of this problem is that across this planet 7% of all adolescents suffer from Major Depressive Disorder.

In an attempt to help and inform those who suffer from this disorder American Montage Inc has partnered with teens suffering from depression and those on the frontlines of fighting it have come together to create the latest in the series Growth Under Pressure: Teenage Depression.

This film takes viewers on a journey through the lives of our four teens dealing with depression. This is intertwined with advice from two experienced mental health professionals : Dr Moira Rynn, an Associate Psychiatrist at Columbia University and Ernest P.S Smith, a Psychoanalyst based in New York City, who also counsels troubled youth. Through intimate insight from our protagonists this film will help to understand and identify the early symptoms and possible roots causes.

Ultimately encouraging those who struggle with it to get help, while providing others with constructive coping mechanisms for the future.