America's Best: Teacher

Teacher was a pivotal experience for AMI, Flamingo Advertising, and their longtime client, America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses.

It brought together powerful visual concepts with copy that sold the product and entertained at the same time.

It was shot by John Inwood of Nickelodeon's "Pete and Pete," "The Day Trippers" and "Seven Ways til Sunday" fame. Joseph Small makes his final glorious appearance as the "Teacher". It was a joy to make.

The editing was done on AMI's Avid system. Effects were
beautifully executed by Bill Mahler at Rhinoceros in New York City.

Client: America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses
Agency: Flamingo Advertising
Producer: Keith Browne
Director: Eric Marciano
Director of Photography: John Inwood
Editor: Eric Schefter
Art Director: Shepherd Frankel
Music: Tom Judson