America's Best: Eyewear to Remember

Eyewear to Remember is a nod to the 1940s, with new-millenium special effects.

All the actors were meant to embody a classic 1940s character: a gangster and his moll, guys and girls on a date, sailors on leave and the Walter Winchell-type reporter (played by Joseph Small).
The result is a high-energy, eye-catching spot.

The Director of Photography was the amazing veteran
Dick Quinlan. Longtime AMI associate and HBO director Brent Owens co-produced and Steven Meyer of Blink (formerly Image Design) arranged the flame effects.

Client: America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses
Agency: Flamingo Advertising
Concept: Eric Marciano
Producers: Eric Marciano/Brent Owens
Director: Eric Marciano
Camera: Dick Quinlan
Costumes: Cheryl Huriwtz
Editor: Eric Schefter
Music: Victor Lesser