PBS's Elmo's World

During every segment of "Elmo's World" on Sesame Street there is a section devoted to explaining an idea or concept to young children. It happens on a television set that magically appears just when Elmo wonders how something came to be or how something works. This is how the Baby Channel, Farm Channel, Hair Channel and many others came to be.

These humorous and engaging segments are the work of animation maestro Joe Ahlbum of Ahlbum Animation. Joe comes to American Montage with Andrea Martin's hilarious voice over tracks. AMI then test edit the storyboards, edits the sound if necessary, adjusts the pencil test into synchronization, and completes the post-production. When it's perfect, it's sent to Children's Television Workshop to be broadcast around the world.

Client: Ahlbum Animation/Children's Television Workshop
Producer/Director: Joe Ahlbum
Narrator: Andrea Martin
Editor: Eric Marciano/Ben Williams