Court TV: Til Death Do Us Part

Take one notorious horror movie director, add a generous helping of John Waters as host, liberally stir in copious amounts of spousal homicide, cook for thirty minutes and serve: Till Death Do Us Part.

The creator of the series, Jeff Lieberman, is an old school horror director who’s career started with the cult classic “Squirm” and most recently was responsible for “Satan’s Little Helper”. Jeff has a feel for this marital bliss turned bloody mess subject matter.

An original pilot for Court TV, the series is hosted by the one and only John Waters.

Cast as the “Groom Reaper”, Waters introduces and narrates this doomed romance from start to finish. The series focuses on actual murder cases that have occurred between once beloved married couples, dramatizing real-life characters from wedding to sentencing.

Jeff Lieberman notes, “You see all these one sided lovey-dovey drama’s on television and I’m sick of it. It’s such an inaccurate picture of what marriage is really like so I decided people ought to know what holy matrimony can actually lead to…hence Till Death Do Us Part.”

Jeff went to the School of Visual Arts just like the editor and post-production consultant on this piece, Eric Marciano of American Montage, Inc.  Marciano notes,“I had worked with Jeff before and have a good sense of what he’s looking to do with a scene. He had to work fast and he and cinematographer Igor Sunara managed to pull off great coverage which always makes the editor’s life easier. Also, the lighting was great and the High Definition look exceptional”.

It was crunch time and in order to get the green light for a series Jeff needed to have the  pilot finished in a speedy and stylish fashion.  Jeff knew Eric could deliver. “All the years of film making do come in handy when you’re under the gun.”

The series has been approved and has moved production to Toronto.

Till Death Do Us Part is due to be aired on Court TV sometime in the near future.

Executive Producer: Jeff Leiberman
Producers: Jeff Leiberman, Michael Borofsky
Associate Producer: Ali Hart
Writer, Director: Jeff Leiberman
Cinematographer: Igor Sunara
Sound: Jeff Stein
Editor: Eric Marciano
After Effects: Joseph Piazzo