Music Videos

There's a reason people tune into the Super Bowl just to see the commercials - they are hands down the most inventive area of popular filmmaking. Those 30-second gems are the creme de la creme of concept and creativity. From script to screen, American Montage can be your guide through the commercial creation experience. We're your one stop production shop - wrangling every commercial from concept to copy, budget to casting, storyboard to production, special effects, music, and editing. In short, we've got you covered.

The Meek


This gender bending music video was created for the band, The Meek.
The leader Nicole Zaray continues to perform and create innovative music.
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Lesbian rock redefines macho.

"That Old Black Magic"

"Old Black Magic" is the outrageous music video
which is at the heart of Eric Marciano's film "Narrowcast."

It uses the classic Johnny Mercer song in a brilliant arrangement by Art Labriola to vent the main character's frustrations and anger.
It is also very funny, eye-catching and explosive.

At festivals around the world, this music video provokes howls of laughter and standing ovations.

The piece was produced in 35mm and required substantial
mutl-layered work in Flame. It has to be seen to be believed.

Client: Narrowcast
Producer: Eric Marciano
Director: Eric Marciano
Camera: Frank Linkoff
Editor: Eric Schefter

Nada Surf "Firecracker"

This post-modern music video for the Williamsburg, Brooklyn band
and European Sensation Nada Surf was directed by John Kelsey and produced by Eric Marciano.

American Montage's Antek Walzcak took the post-production role
for this piece. Taking cues from Jean Luc Godard's "Numero Deux,"
Antek and John created a world of visual ennui.

The music is great too!

Client: Warner/Elektra
Producer: Eric Marciano
Director: John Kelsey
Camera: Ben Speth
Editor: Antek Walzcak

Amy Fairchild "Invisible One"

Amy Fairchild's song "The Invisible One" evokes
some fairly powerful imagery. And it required special locations,
specific props and subtle special effects.

This might be AMI's last-ever 16 mm production.
The costs and difficulties of 16 mm production versus the ease and look of DV, are changing the balance between creativity versus budget constraints. In the future it might just be digital and 35 mm.

Through this techical window, AMI has created a video which attempts to capture the feelings and musical tone of this great song.

Client: Burros Artist Management
Producer: Eric Marciano
Director: Eric Marciano
Camera: Fred Hatt
Editor: Ben Williams

Aloha Steam Train "Misty Paradise"

American Montage responded to a request to make a fun, visually-provocative music video that would match the mood and creative direction of the Northampton, Mass. band Aloha Steamtrain.

Deeply influenced by the drug-laden 1960s, the band brought with them psychedelic props and memorabilia that was to appear throughout the video.

Director, producer, and post-producer Eric Marciano strove to ensure that the band's ideas were clearly represented in "Misty Paradise."

The result is a playful music video with spectacular computer graphics (created by AMI's Benjamin Williams) in eye-pleasing, vivid candy-like colors. The final product was delivered under budget too!

Client: Burros Artist Management
Producer, Director, Camera: Eric Marciano
Editor/After Effects: Ben Williams