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Gilles Peress and the Paris Cinemateque


‘L’image d’après: Le cinema dans l’imaginaire de la photographie’ 

American Montage and Eric Marciano were honored to once again lend a hand to world-renowned photographer Gilles Peress. He called on AMI to assist him while he was putting together an exhibit for the legendary Cinémathèque Française collection.It was part of a massive creative study called , ‘L’image d’après: Le cinema dans l’imaginaire de la photographie’ 

The Image to Come: How Cinema Inspires Photography and film. Gilles piece which toured the world, depicts how photography is essential to location scouting in film.

Referencing a location photo book by the influential director Alain Renais Gilles explained location scouting through a fictitious fi;m about terrorism in the New York City area.

For some of the images in the exhibit Gilles utilized Eric’s contacts with a NY area SWAT team and his knowledge of some of the more interesting subterranean locale for photoand video shoots.

The video sample is from the SWAT teams “Bus Takedown” field training exercise. For more videos such as these go to: