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Lizzie Simon's "Detour" BiPolar Presentation Part 2

Gilles Peress was asked by friend and HBO producer, Anastasia Pappas to work with her to create a powerful and intimate portrait of people living with bipolar disorder.

Two short films would accompany author Lizzie Simon on her tour for her new book "Detour". Knowing that the final product was to be projected on to large video screens Gilles wanted to shoot in a format that he knew would look great on a large screen but would give him the kind of intimacy that would be required to make these films a success.

The post-production process yielded exceptional portraits that made author Lizzie Simon, sponsor GlaxoSmithKline and Public Relations firm Cohn Wolfe  very, very happy.

Directors: Gilles Peress, Anastasia Pappas
Director of Photography: Gilles Peress
Producer: Eric Marciano
Associate Producer, Location Manager: Mary Jordan
Assistant Cameraman: Adam McCelland
Film to Tape Transfer: Nice Shoes
Editors: Eric Council, Steven Guiliano
Music: Nick Drake