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In November 2004 American Montage celebrated its 20th Anniversary. Twenty years dedicated to the idea that editing was the cornerstone of filmmaking. That editing stood right next to writing, producing, shooting and directing a documentary, a commercial, or a feature film.

That idea shaped how we approached production as well. Always thinking about the tools and processes we would use as we were sculpting the project with our eye towards the finished product.

Twenty years of education, in a field where technology just keeps marching on. Either you learn and adapt or you don't survive. Twenty years ago we we're in the midst of Plumbicon tube cameras, ADO and U-matic video, Now we're in the midst of HD, DV and DVD. And we're very close to affordable and realistic 3D applications.

Twenty years in Manhattan, moving our studio based on the whims and changes of the New York City real estate market including the effects of the terrorist attack on 9-11. Searching for clients and landlords that would allow us to thrive in one of the most competitive environments in the world.