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DVD Extras: Going Under - Pushing the Boundaries

The "Going Under" project was brought to AMI by cult film director turned distributor Bill Lustig. His company Blue-Underground, distributes DVDs for an amazing array of films and specializes in creating superb box art-work and packaging as well as in depth DVD extras and "making of" programming.

"Going Under" is the story of a New York therapist, played by Roger Rees (Robin Hood: Men in Tights) and his obsessive love for a dominatrix, played by Geno Lechner (Schlinder's List).

It is a gem of a film directed by Eric Werthman. Bill wanted to give the film an appropriate DVD package.

He contracted AMI to make a few trailers, and then to make the making of featurette. By the time AMI was contacted the interview of Geno Lechner, was already completed. However, the interview of Roger Rees needed to be filmed. Eric conducted an in depth interview on Roger's preparation for this challenging role. "Pushing the Boundaries" the revealing making of featurette can be found on the Going Under DVD.