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Elite Forces TV: Hostage and Rescue

The mission of Elite Forces TV is to create high-speed action programs that capture the excitement, intelligence, and adrenaline of the Elite Police and Military unit's missions. The producers' experience as a current U.S. Army Special Forces and S.W.A.T. team member and an experienced television producer and director contribute to their ability to tell these powerful stories. They understand the sophisticated scenarios they originate from. Furthermore, they can get personnel, locations and hardware that are often difficult to access.

The execution and format of these programs is unique and powerful.

Producers, Writers: Eric Marciano and Frank Rossi
Director: Eric Marciano
Camera: Eric Marciano, Joesph Piazzo, Fred Hatt, Ben Williams
Title Sequences: Joseph Piazzo, Ben Williams
Narrator: Ray Weiderhold
Editors: Emilie Agniel, Eric Marciano and Steven Guliano
Scanning/Motion Effects: Emilie Agniel, Lisa Fontanarosa
Special Visual Effects: Joseph Piazzo
Music: product msd, Art Labriola