Didn't Do It for Love

AMI was the happy home to the post-production process for Monika Treut's "Didn't Do It for Love." Under a tight schedule and even tighter budget, AMI did it all, from picture cutting to full sound mix.

"German helmer Monika Treut's ongoing journey through the outer reaches of feminism and sexuality reaches "Didn't Do It For Love," a portrait of Norwegian-born actress-turned-sex therapist Eva Norvind, whose powerful personality triumphs . . .

Cable and outre fest slots are the snug homes or this often fascinating item, which is as frank in approach to its subject matter as the lady herself."

-- Derek Elley, Variety, March 9-16, 1998

Distributed by First Run Features.

Producers: Irene von Alberti
Director: Monika Treut
Camera: Ekkehart Pollack, Christopher Landerer
Editors: Eric Marciano, Jeff Lunger
Sound: Andreas Pietsch-Lindenberg
AVID & Sound Editor: Scott Cookson
Music: George Kajanus, Tom Judson