Budget Rent A Car

Joe Byrnes of Manahattoons Animation has post-produced all of his animated films at American Montage. After he completed his imaginative work for Cliff Freeman he recommended AMI to the agency known for its biting humor and unique perspective. 

This film is funny. Intended as an in-house corporate film, it transcends itself by taking the CEO of Budget Rent-A-Car, Sandy Miller and turning him into an animated provocateur. He barrels down the highway knocking over competitors and taking his pals for a golf game in his trunk. This 35mm animation had to work with video that explains all the services that the company provides. The sharp editing and well-paced action makes this more like pure entertainment and less of a corporate communication.

Title: Budget-Get out of the Way
Client: Cliff Freeman
Producer/ Director: Charles Rosen/Joe Byrnes
Editor: Eric Marciano