HARRY BELAFONTE Renowned entertainer and human rights activist, Harry Belafonte gives a profound and inspiring account of his career and personal growth in the context of the human rights struggle. Mr. Belafonte discusses his friendship with Dr. King and his work in the entertainment industry.

MICHAEL MOORE is the Director of "Roger & Me," the director of the Oscar award winning "Bowling for Columbine Producer of "The Awful Truth" and the Emmy award winning series "TV Nation." He is the author of the best seller "Dude,Where's my Country" and "Stupid White Men" and is famous for his provocative (and often hilarious) populist documentaries and appearances.

PAM GRIER, SONIA BRAGA Screen Divas and sex symbols Pam Grier and Sonia Braga discuss "Sex and sexism in cinema". The issues of prejudice, age discrimination, and marketability as actors are illuminated. Biting and on the mark, Grier and Braga "tell it like it is."

KATHERINE DUNHAM Dance Pioneer and human rights champion Katherine Dunham is presented inconversation with former Dunham dancer, Julie Belafonte. At 93, Katherine Dunham is a living legend and national treasure.

JAMAL JOSEPH discusses his role as a former member of the Black Panther Party. Joseph is now a successful screenwriter and Columbia University Film School professor. He also works with inner-city youths, helping them find an artistic voice for their anger and a constructive channel in social activism. [MORE SPEAKERS >>]
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